Executive Directors and small business owners have a lot to keep track of, from the smallest details to your company’s vision. With so much it can be very easy to spend hours on business critical tasks yet foregoing the essential work of forwarding your business’ vision or non profit mission.

Partnering with a virtual assistant will ensure that everything on your list gets done quickly and professionally, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture and move your business forward more quickly. The following are a few key areas you may want to consider partnering with a virtual assistant on.

  1. Donor Acquisition and Client Correspondence

Handing over day-to-day office tasks will allow you time necessary to talk with donors and clients. These connections are critical to your organizational success. Spend time traveling to speak with donors who will ultimately invest in your organization and leave the generic office tasks, bookkeeping, and data entry to me. I will work with your suppliers, office contracts, and other office correspondence to leave you time to talk to who matters – your donor base and clientele.

  1. Administration

Administrative tasks are endless and can drain the energy and creativity that should be reserved for developing your mission and vision strategically. Many administrative tasks involve knowledge of software systems and specific skills, partnering with my services will save you time and you wont have to learn every new task or system. I offer Microsoft Office programs and tasks, document and manual creation, and website maintenance, among other things. Outsourcing business services for regular and temporary work, projects or events is a great way to save your energy and get projects off the ground faster.

  1. Social Media Management

These days, a strong social networking presence is a must if you want your business to be successful. This means writing and posting blog articles to social media, adding visual elements to your social presence, linking to other sites and articles related to your business, and maintaining an engaged daily presence online. It’s very easy to get distracted and waste time while maintaining this presence. Stay engaged with your donor prospects and clients and allow me to use my expertise in social media marketing to grow your base.