How are you using your limited resources? Time is money and efficiency matters. Marie offers some great tips on taking a closer look at how to meet your non organization’s objectives.

Growing For Good guest blog written by: Marie C. Palacios, Consultant, Funding For Good, Inc.

After SMART goals and objectives have been established and some strategy sessions have taken place, it’s time to determine what resources are needed so that the project can move forward.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how incredible project goals and strategies are if the organization does not have a viable plan to secure needed resources in time to complete the project within the grant cycle.

Take a close look at each goal, objective, and strategy and ask the following 5 questions:

1.  WHO do I need engaged/committed to this project to ensure its success?

Administrators, program staff/volunteers, target audience/program participants, community partners, experts in the field of work who add value or create access to program venue, content, goals.

2. WHAT do I need in order to implement this project?

A detailed budget that accounts for the TRUE program cost, program curriculum (evidence based), program supplies/materials, administrative materials/funds, marketing (design/print), transportation, community buy-in/support (city, county, civic groups/partners), data tracking systems/software, venue, etc.

3. WHEN do I need these resources?

When do I need to connect with partners to determine their interest and commitment? When do I need to have confirmation of resources and/or resources in hand?

4. WHERE do I need to gain access if I want this program to succeed?

Facility for programs or off-site opportunities, media outlets to help promote awareness, community forums that increase visibility and partnerships/support

5. WHY did I opt for one resource over another?

Is this resource more credible, cost-effective, accessible, efficient, applicable, to program goals?

Timing really is everything.


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